Produced the Emmaus 50th anniversary record.

Client :

  • Briefing

    On the occasion of the Emmaus Movement’s
    (founded by Abbé Pierre) 50th anniversary,
    create and launch a public outreach initiative
    to attract the next generation of Emmaus
    Movement supporters.

  • Answer

    Provided artistic direction, produced
    and launched the Anniversary Album
    bringing together a wide group of artists
    and musical contributions including:
    Manu Chao, LKJ + Imhotep & Shurik’n,
    Joe Strummer, Les Rita Mitsouko, Jean-Louis
    Aubert, Marianne Faithfull, Cassius, Air, FFF,
    Rachid Taha, Mars IV, Howie B, Stéphane
    Eicher + Bratsch & les Négresses Vertes.

  • Main partners

    Virgin Records
    Fuji Laboratories

  • Campaign elements

    Artistic direction and album production

    Distribution and promotion by Virgin Records

    Promotional film for the album by Raymond Depardon

  • Agreement to screen promotional film prior to every cinema airing of the movie « Fight Club » by David Fincher (450 reels)

    National Press Coverage (France)

  • Awards

    Télérama "four keys"